WOTC saves employers money while creating employment opportunities. This Federal tax credit allows significant tax credits for employers who hire from certain groups who experience significant barriers to employment. With over $1 billion in tax credits claimed every year under the program, representing hundreds of thousands of jobs, the program is achieving great success in realizing its goals of improved opportunity for economically marginalized groups. If you employ candidates from qualifying groups, let us help you obtain the tax credit you deserve!

Don’t let the record-keeping and claims process challenges keep you from participating. GEM Enrollments will work with your HR and accounting departments and your tax team to manage the application and certification processes and generate the appropriate claim. We have the tools and expertise, and can provide the tax law guidance you require. Now, you can just enjoy the benefits.

The benefits to you are many! In addition to the significant savings per eligible employee, you can create opportunities for motivated, loyal workers who would otherwise be left behind, including:

  • Unemployed Veterans (including disabled veterans)
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Recipients
  • Food Stamp (SNAP) Recipients
  • Designated Community Residents (living in Empowerment Zones or Rural Renewal Counties)
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Referred Individuals
  • Ex-Felons
  • Supplemental Security Income Recipients
  • Summer Youth Employees (living in Empowerment Zones)
  • Qualified Long-Term Unemployment Recipients

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