GEM Enrollments is a benefit enrollment company that was founded with one thing in mind – to provide YOU with the best possible enrollment and benefit solutions.

From our vision of top-tier service, training & support, communication, to the latest Enrollment technology & reporting, we have YOU in mind every step of the way. Being an independent organization, we have the ability to streamline and provide you with access to every major carrier catered to your demographics. Our background and years of expertise in Business Operations, HR & Payroll, Enrollment services & Benefits, bring you the finest of all Enrollment solutions – the GEM experience!

Do you have a plan to increase loyalty, lower turnover, and control costs?

Finding, training, and retaining quality employees is one of the most difficult tasks facing businesses today. A comprehensive, affordable benefits package can have a huge impact on loyalty and retention, but who has the expertise, the resources, and the time to find the best and most appealing options employees demand?

GEM Enrollments does, and at no cost to you!

GEM Enrollments works with top-tier carriers to put together benefits packages perfectly tailored to meet your and your employees’ needs. GEM works with employers and their HR departments to review, roll out, and administer plans. GEM then meets with employees in a private setting at their worksite to provide individual, personalized guidance so they can select the plans and benefits that best suits their needs. And there’s never a charge for our services!

Leave it to us. We have the experience and the knowledge to make it easy.

Benefits are employers’ second-largest expense after payroll. You rely on legal experts and accounting experts; you also need a qualified benefits expert. That’s GEM Enrollments. We leverage our comprehensive background in HR and payroll, our business skills, expertise, and deep industry connections, and our team of caring, certified/licensed benefits counselors with many years’ experience, to manage the entire employee insurance enrollment process with maximum efficiency and exceptional customer service.

Management and employee satisfaction is our highest priority.

From strategic planning through comprehensive enrollment services, support, and administration, to seamless and efficient data return and beyond, GEM Enrollments works closely with all parties to ensure the entire enrollment process is completely hassle-free.