In a high-volume, labor-intensive, businesses like yours, how much is turnover affecting your cost structure and bottom line? As the labor market tightens and competition for your labor force heats up, your training dollars and valuable institutional knowledge could be draining away each year, leaving remaining staff even more stressed and demoralized. However, market constraints prevent you from simply paying higher salaries. So how do you reverse the trend? How do you compete with other employers to retain your good employees? What would it be worth to you to significantly reduce your turnover costs AND boost morale?

You can reduce that figure up to 26% per year, according to a recent report by the US Small Business Association, by offering your employees the benefits they need and want. GEM Enrollments works to manage employee expectations to minimize your core benefits contribution expenses, so you can realize these improvements at a very reasonable cost, partly, completely, or even more than completely offset by the bottom-line gains from reduced turnover.

Moreover, the voluntary benefits GEM Enrollments offers your workforce—great values unavailable on the direct market—are fully paid by the employee through payroll deduction, often with pre-tax dollars, so a significant portion of the perceived value to your personnel comes at absolutely no cost to you!

Along with the greater peace of mind, financial security, and risk reduction your staff enjoys, comes increased morale, loyalty, team spirit, and retention. Your clientele will notice the difference a happy, confident workforce makes in the service they receive, too. Everybody wins!

Here’s the best part: there’s never a fee for GEM Enrollments services. GEM Enrollments will handle all the benefits administration and handle all the provider contact, so your personnel management teams can focus on your core business needs, allowing them to maintain your/their daily functions without compromise. GEM management will coordinate with your executive and management teams, in a controlled setting, every step of the way. Our expert account executives and trained and certified counselors handle the onboarding, counseling, pre-and post-enrollment support, and maintain the remote call center.

We work to support the entire enrollment process efficiently and professionally, and you look to employees and job seekers like a sparkling example of a great company to work for. We meet with the insurance carriers and brokers, then work directly with your HR, payroll, and tax teams—whether internal or third-party contractors—to review all new, changed, and unchanged plan info and training materials, so everyone is fully up-to-date and informed on the entire process. We then negotiate best-in-class premiums from top-tier, highest-rated carriers on the most sought-after Voluntary Benefits your employees seek, to complement whatever suite of health benefits you already work so hard and pay so much to offer and maintain.

So call us today. The sooner we start working for you and your personnel, the sooner the benefits can begin—for your business, for your workforce, and for your clientele. And that’s the bottom line.